Pars Celloluse Introduction


Pars Cellulose Company (Pvt. J. S.) was initially formed by a group of Iranian engineers and specialists in 1980. The company using the valuable experiments of the technical and specialized staff and employing world's high-tech technology, in a competitive market with US and EU rivals, managed to produce cellulosed hygienic products under the brands of GOLPAR, VENOUS, SABA & GOLTEX, as set forth below::

  • Sanitary Napkins and panty liners
  • Tissue paper in various packages (box, roll, towels, pocket, napkin, …)
  • Baby Diapers
  • Cotton wool s
  • ….

  • CEO Mr. doctor Ahmad Zare Firoozabadi                                                                               Chairman Mr. Ali Firoozabadi                                                

CEO Mr. doctor Ahmad Zare Firoozabadi                                     Chairman Mr. Ali Firoozabadi                                            
During 36 years of service period, products quality  has always been the main goal of the company; and for applying high quality standards in the products and providing the best services to customers, company has been awarded many times with tablets of appreciation for observing high quality and standards by the Ministry of Health, Iranian National Standards , Food and Drug Organization, …

In this line, the company succeeded to achieve Consumers' Protection Tablet. Providing Iranian made products and creating a clear prospect for youth employment, have usually been the pillars on which the company's investors and managers cooperating. For this purpose, taking part in exhibitions, conferences and seminars, nationally and internationally, contributed to promote cultural level of industrial society and the National Production.

The advantages distinguish us from other companies in this field, are as follow:

  • hunders of the comany are the same as 36 years ago when they started to establish the company
  • The first domestic producer of the daily sanitary napkins in Iran.
  • The first and the only domestic producer of 4-wing Sanitary Napkins in Iran
  • The first producer of tissue paper box with different printings
  • The first producer of self-adhesive Tissue papers used in cars
  • Customers' Complaints Unit; Investigation and Handling
  • Brilliant and Long Background
  • Diversity in products; particularly, in Sanitary Napkins
  • Committed to Customers and Retailing stores
  • Committed to meet the customers' satisfaction
  • Experienced and Well-educated Staff
  • Qualified and Competent Managers

Products are supplied to our customers by chain stores and retailers throughout Iran.